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Double Row Snap Cloth Diaper K - U (NO INSERT)

Product Sku : DoubleRowSnapClothDiaperK-U

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🌸 3 sizes (small, medium, large) all in ONE pocket diaper by adjusting the front snap buttons.

🌸 Double row snap allows for more adjustment in the legs and waist.

🌸 More firm on baby compared to single row and it gives better fit.

🌸 Features One size from birth to potty training

🌸 Tested to fit babies/toddlers from 3 kg - 18 kg

🌸 Soft inner microfleece lining, to keep baby dry and rash free

🌸 Waterproof PUL outer to prevent leak

🌸 Easy to use snap buttons 3 x 3 snap design to give a snug fit

🌸 Easy to clean and quick drying

Washing Instructions :
🌸 Before using the diaper set: Wash the diaper and insert several times before use to increase their absorbency

Washing soiled diaper set:
🌸 Knock solids into toilet
🌸 Remove the insert from the diaper
🌸 Rinse and put in the diaper pail. No soaking is necessary
🌸 Fasten the hook and loop tabs to the laundry tab on the inside of the diaper
🌸 Wash your diaper up to 60 degree celcius in normal wash cycle with no more than 1/4 to 1/2 of the detergent's recommended amount per load

Some DO NOTS to remember:
🌸 Do not use fabric softener as it decreases the absorbency
🌸 Do not use bleach or other harsh stain remover.
🌸 Drying diaper in the sun is the most effective way to remove stains
🌸 Do not use nappy cream as it reduced absorbency

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