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Nuby Tritan Thirsty Kids Flip It Straw Cup 12m+ 12oz/360ml (2 Designs)

Product Sku : 99729

Nuby Tritan Thirsty Kids Flip It Straw Cup 12m+ 12oz/360ml (3 Designs)

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Nuby Tritan Thirsty Kids Flip It Straw Cup 12m+ 12oz/360ml:


This super cool and strong Flip It toddler cup with its SoftFlex™ silicone straw that’s kind to little teeth, helps make drinking easy on every adventure.




• SoftFlex™ silicone straw that’s dentist approved, kind to little teeth and easy to use
• No spills. No BPA. 100% hydration.
• Made from Tritan from Eastman which is BPA free, extra strong, shatter-proof and clear as glass
• 360ml capacity for growing toddlers needing to stay more hydrated
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top shelf only)
• BPA free




This super cool Thirsty Kids Flip It toddler cup with SoftFlex™ silicone straw is dentist approved and kind to little teeth making drinking easy and simple wherever you are. 


Made from an awesome material called Tritan from Eastman which has tons of benefits including being BPA free, extra strong, shatter-proof, baby tantrum-proof, doesn’t warp in the dishwasher (top shelf only) AND clear as glass so you can keep track of how much water your little one’s drinking… its an all singing all dancing cup you’ll want by your toddlers side!


You'll have no hassle caring for this Flip It cup either – you can just give it a good rinse or pop it into the dishwasher (top shelf only).


No spills. No BPA.100% hydration.

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