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Anakku 8oz PPSU Wide Neck Feeding Bottle

Product Sku : Anakku8ozPPSUWideNeckFeedingBottle

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Anakky PPSU Wide Neck Feeding Bottle


- safe and BPA Free
- can be sterilized under a high temperature up to 180 c
- material used: body (PPSU), teat (liquid silicone)
- teat size 3m+

Instructions for safe feeding:

- always wash your hands before preparing feeds or fedding your baby
- before first use, wash all accessorries thoroughly and sterilize
- before each use, pull the teat in all directions, discard the teat if there is a ny sign of damage or defect
- shake well the feed to ensure even heat distribution, always check the temperature of the feed before offering it to your baby.
- wash all accesssories immediately after use.

Cleaning and sterilizing:

- before strelizing, wash bottle and accessories thoroughly in warm soapy water to ensure all milk deposits are removed
- squeeze the teat to ensure any residual milk has been removed. Sterilize by immersing in a feeding bottle sterilizing solution, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
- before fisrt use place in boiling water for 5 inutes, this is to ensure hygiene.
- do not clean or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh checmicals.
- do not microwave PPSU bottle directly. Sterilized it by using microwave sterilizing unit only.


- Never leave teat in direct sunlight or leave in disinfectant (sterilizing solution) for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the teat.
- teat must not be used as dummies or soothers as this may lead to tooth decay.
- keep all components not in use out of child's reach.

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